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Business Book Extract: Buy, Grow, Exit

By Joanna Oakey
Buy, Grow, Exit is about how (and why) to acquire, grow and exit a business in a way that maximises the value you will ultimately be able to extract and minimises the risks along the way.

Business Book Extracts: Buy Grow Exit

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Written by renowned lawyer Joanna Oakey, host of the popular business podcasts The Deal Room and Talking Law, this comprehensive book provides a pathway for using a business as the ultimate wealth creation vehicle - providing owners with an understanding of the mechanics of deal-making and the interaction between 3 critical phases of business: acquisition, growth, and exit. 

Drawing upon extensive business law experience as the founder of Aspect Legal, Joanna reveals the avoidable mistakes so many make that depletes the value of a business, how to buy and grow with the end in mind, and tales of savvy exits done right.

Readers learn:

  • The truth behind why so many businesses really fail
  • The secret sauce of growth through acquisition
  • How deal making can drive business value
  • Key legal steps to protecting a growing business & your wealth
  • How to ensure value in your business is protected as you grow
  • Critical preparation for maximising value at exit
  • Exiting with class, not regret.

Accessibly written, Buy, Grow, Exit. will change the way you view your business, its future, and yours. 



About Joanna Oakey

Joanna Oakey has more than 20 years of experience working with thousands of businesses and business owners in mergers and acquisitions and in protecting their businesses as they grow, from small startups through to many leading multinational corporations. She has helped many business owners achieve hugely profitable acquisitions, safe growth and their dream exit with thorough planning, identifying and protecting the value in their business, and fully extracting this value with carefully constructed and executed deals.

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