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Business Book Extract: Stop The Bleeding

By Brian Sands
As a business leader with your back to the wall, how will you stop the bleeding in your business? How will you get to a sustainable next?

Business Book Extract: Stop the Bleeding

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As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates our freefall into global recession, Stop the Bleeding represents the mind shift necessary to see, think, plan and act differently through crisis. It is a step-by-step guide away from 'holding-on' management thinking and a roadmap towards organisationally leaner, strategically smarter and competitively sharper business.

Stop the Bleeding originated out of sleeves rolled-up, down-in-the-trenches frontline executive-level leadership that successfully navigated the fallout following the global financial crisis. Over a period of just six weeks, having gone from hero to almost zero and staring down the barrel of an unforeseen insolvency, an aggressive and ultimately successful one-million-dollars-per-month turnaround became the foundation for this book. Brian Sands shares how he led the business from potential collapse to profitability and sustainability during the toughest of economic times.


 Brian Sands

Brian Sands

From an initial shareholding Brian took over as Managing Director and major shareholder of APM Group in 2004, and after over four years without external capital or shareholder equity transformed a $34M small business into a $110M successful SME, more than doubling the amount of profit, growing retained earnings 8x and net cash flows 10x. For more visit:
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