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Business Book Extract: MatchFit

By Andrew May
MatchFit is the complete guide to getting your body and brain in the best possible shape for work, and for life. This inspiring book is the culmination of Andrew May's twenty years of experience as an elite athlete and fitness trainer for some of the world's best athletes; studying the body (Exercise Physiology) and the brain (Coaching Psychology); working with a variety of clients including elite athletes, military, entrepreneurs, business leaders and entire organisations; and life experience.

Business Book Extract: MatchFit

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So many people in their late 30's and early 40's go through their own 'perfect storm' that includes:

  • Promotion or more responsibility and workload
  • Lifestyle changes and pressures including a mortgage, permanent relationship, mortgage, starting a family, school fees, etc.
  • Because we are 'too busy' we stop exercising and looking after ourselves
  • We get stuck plating the 'same game' and can feel stale
  • Natural cognitive and biological decline occurs post 40 years

Andrew went through a marriage separation in his late 30's and weathered his own 'perfect storm'. For a while he spiralled out of control and needed to dig deep and treat himself as a human guinea pig putting everything he had learned over the years into practice, plus a few new things too, to whip his body and brain both back into much better shape.


Andrew May

Andrew MayAndrew began his career as an elite middle distance athlete before studying exercise physiology and sports coaching, he then went on to complete a Masters in Coaching Psychology and has recently started his PHD. He worked as the Physical Performance Manager for the NSW and Australian Cricket teams, the Sydney Swifts and NSW netball teams, as well as with basketball, AFL, tennis and Olympic athletes.

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur having built and sold three businesses including Good Health Solutions (now trading as Executive Health Solutions) Australia’s largest provider of Executive Health Assessments; and in 2016 he sold The Performance Clinic to KPMG where he worked as a Partner for 3 years. 

Andrew delivers energetic and inspiring keynote presentations around the world. To find out more, visit his website at:

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