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Business Book Extract: The Languages of Leadership

By Wendy Born
Many of us have issues trying to lead disparate teams with multiple personalities, colleagues with conflicting agendas and bosses with minds of their own. We're often left questioning how we can have greater influence when faced with these situations.

Business Book Extract: The Languages of Leadership

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In her new book, leadership expert Wendy Born draws upon over 25 years' experience and shows how to make small changes that have a big impact, ensuring you become an active, directive and perceptive leader with the skills to influence and lead in today's workplace. When you learn to balance the languages of leadership you start to get yourself noticed, to manage anyone at any level and to build your reputation in the market. Readers learn how to better manage:

  • Team leaders - to work together, to learn from and leverage each other's experience without getting competitive, and to be more effective in managing their own team performance
  • Peers - to have productive and positive relationships, make decisions more effectively and to be more focused putting aside individual agendas
  • Your leader - to ensure they're your biggest advocate, to give you the space and support needed to get the job done

Packed with simple, practical tools and techniques you can action and implement every day, The Languages of Leadership empowers you with the tools you need to make a greater impact, both individually and organisationally.


Wendy Born

Wendy BornWendy Born helps leaders maximise their talent and strengths to achieve extraordinary results. As an engaging facilitator, coach, speaker and author, she works with executives, senior leaders and leadership teams to create high-performance organisations that deliver that WOW-factor. 

Wendy has more than 25 years of experience in corporate and management roles, including 10 years in senior leadership positions in finance, IT, retail, financial services, communications and government. To find out more, visit her website at:

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