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Business Book Extract: Leadership Hacks

By Scott Stein
Leadership Hacks is the smart leader's guide for achieving more in less time. As the evolving business environment leaves many leaders struggling to achieve outcomes against constantly shifting priorities, competitors, and deadlines, this book shows you how to sort through the madness and get back to obtaining results.

Business Book Extract: Leadership Hacks

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Author Scott Stein has helped thousands of business leaders - from CEOs to front-line managers to small-business owners - identify ways to make a difference to the people they manage and the tasks they undertake. In this book, he details hacks at a personal, one-on-one and team level, to give you the tips, tricks and advice you need to rise above the daily deluge and make real progress.

Learn how to:

  • Identify what distractions slow you down
  • Fast-track your productivity to do more in less time
  • Streamline delegation so your people perform faster
  • Re-route meetings into productive outcomes
  • Learn the communication and technology shortcuts that get faster results

Leadership Hacks shows you how to hack your day, shift your approach and boost your communication to start leading in a more effective and efficient way.


Scott Stein

Scott SteinScott has worked with thousands of leaders around the world helping them to become better leaders by fast-tracking their thinking and their approach with people. He is a highly sought after international speaker and mentor who has worked with a range of global and Australian businesses. Scott's experience as a practical expert on leadership and influence has helped many of the world’s best-known brands and government agencies to clear the way to improve communication, connection, and results. To find out more, visit his website at:

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