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Business Book Extract: Execution To Die For

By Graham Haines
This book is about overcoming the barriers to execution; the barriers that frustrate managers the world over as they see their plans and strategies undermined by poor implementation.

Business Book Extract: Execution To Die For

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Execution to Die For identifies 36 barriers to making it happen, explains why they occur and what to do about them. The book draws on the author's forty years of experience developing plans for others to implement and executing the plans of others.

Barriers that are caused by inadequate planning, lack of alignment, inability to manage change and unenthusiastic employees are among those addressed.

The book is packed with case studies and anecdotes from all over the world of what to do - and what not to do - to achieve "Execution to Die For".  

Business Book Extracts

About Graham Haines  

Graham Haines | Execution To Die ForAfter a career inbusiness developmentwith a major international chemical company, Graham Haines formed his own management and strategic marketing consultancy in 1987. Recognising that the quality of his advice was heavily dependent on the quality of information upon which it was based, he developed a suite of assessment surveys covering Executives, Employees, Customers and Workgroups.

Graham became increasingly interested in the whole complex issue of the implementation of an organisation's business strategies and realised the need to formally identify the barriers to execution. By developing a unique model that encompasses the whole operational sequence from planning and execution to monitoring, measuring and adapting, each barrier has a location where its impact can be better understood and counter measures taken.

Graham is a Certified Management Consultant and a Certified Practicing Marketer. He has a joint honours degree in Law & Economics from Durham University in the UK and a Graduate Diploma of Education from Melbourne University, Australia. His website contains upwards of sixty articles.

Graham's new book - "Execution To Die For - The Manager's Guide To Making It Happen" identifies the 36 reasons that things don't happen as strategic planners intended and then shows how - through the use of his unique operational model "The Wagon Wheel Way" - how these barriers to strategic plan implementation can be overcome. This is his second book.

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