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Audio Seminar: The Art Of Influence

By Paddy Spruce
Influencing others is the most important part of a CEO's role. Unless you do everything yourself, you need to 'influence' others to perform or behave in the best interests of your customers or your organisation. You also need to encourage people to 'think'.
The Art Of Influence

Have you ever heard someone say "I am not paid to think"? We have all had managers who have used methods that leave us less than motivated.

The challenge is to influence others in a way that motivates them to treat the business as their own. The current cliche for such behaviours is 'win-win' where both parties are happy with the outcome of a discussion or negotiation.

A wise CEO or Manager will have a wide range of behaviours to choose from and will have the ability to select which behaviour is appropriate in a given situation. A life time of habits may make it difficult to change behaviour but it is possible with practice and patience.

During this audio presentation you will learn how to create quick rapport with anyone and influence in positive and constructive ways. You will also learn five behavioural styles and a method of choosing which is appropriate.

The behaviour of a CEO can motivate or demotivate. Strong leadership behaviour can ensure business success. This audio program will give you important information to expand your behavioural options and influence everyone who contributes to the success of your organisation. A small change in behaviour can have massive and long term consequences.

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Track 1 - What Is The Meaning Of Influence?
Track 2 - What Is The Most Common Way To Influence Others?
Track 3 - What Happens When The Person You Are Dealing With Isnt Reasonable?
Track 4 - Can Emotion Be Used As A Way Of Influencing Others?
Track 5 - What Is The Final Influencing Style?
Track 6 - Are There Any Other Factors Or Priciples That Can Influence Others?


About Paddy Spruce

Paddy Spruce Paddy Spruce is a professional speaker and corporate trainer and has been for over twenty five years. He is a former Training Executive of the Australian Institute of Management.

He has also been awarded the highest level of accreditation awarded by the National Speakers Association of Australia and the USA, the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). He works throughout Australasia. His clients include private and public sector organisations and include Wesfarmers, RioTinto, The Auditor General and the Melbourne Zoos..

Paddy's specialisation is The Art of Influence which includes public speaking, presentation skills, corridor negotiations, customer relations and communicating with a purpose.

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Web Site:
Phone: + 61 9808 8990
Mobile: 0 418 996 970
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