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7 Steps To Create Great Teams

By Charles Kovess
To prosper in the globalised 21st Century it's important to understand the links between teamwork, creativity, innovation and profits.
7 Steps To Create Great Teams

In this Audio Seminar discover:

  • Two important factors that create great teams
  • Learn the seven key characteristics that are used by some of the best teams
  • 11 practical strategies that leaders can take to implement these seven steps
  • Understand why most Vision Statements don't work, and what to do about it

Listen Or Download MP3 Tracks

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Track 1 - Introduction – Being Part Of A Team
Track 2 - 7 Powerful And Common Characteristics Of Great Teams
Track 3 - The 2 Most Important Factors For Creating Great Teams
Track 4 - Why Is A Team Vision Important?
Track 5 - The 7 Steps To Create Great Teams And Practical Strategies To Implement Them

About Charles Kovess


Charles Kovess After 20 years of high level business experience, lawyer Charles Kovess came to realise that most people have an amazing and under-used ingredient they can use to produce unbelievable changes in both their personal and business lives. Turning his back on the law 12 years ago, he decided to share those secrets as a professional speaker and workshop facilitator, and now he's a walking example of what he has so clearly proven... that 'passion powers performance', and that 'passionate people produce'! Because he's enthused and inspired so many companies and individuals to achieve astronomical results by harnessing passion, he has earned the title of Australasia's Passion Provocateur , and now travels the world revealing its mighty magic.

He is a Certified Speaking Professional, (of whom there are only 53 in Australasia), Immediate Past National President of the National Speakers' Association of Australia, President of the Australia-Hungary Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and Past President of the Global Energy Network Institute. Charles has authored two inspirational books, 'Passionate People Produce' , and 'Passionate Performance’ , and is the co-author of ‘The 7 Heavenly Virtues of Leadership’ .

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Phone: + 61 3 9562 2248
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