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Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way

By Lisa McInnes-Smith
There are many models for great leadership, and leaders are not 'born'. Leadership is a lifestyle - a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of bringing out the best in those around you. Leadership is also a choice.
Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way

Leadership is an essential part of all levels of life - in government, business, family and community.

The best leaders are self-aware, clear in purpose, courageous and decisive – all attributes of an individual's spirit, and all learnable.

The greatest leaders are not there for their own glory. They raise up other leaders along the journey toward specific outcomes. Great leaders multiply their effectiveness by creating a pathway for others to grow into leadership.

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Track 1 - Is Lead Follow Or Get Out Of The Way A Little Harsh?
Track 2 - What Are Some Of The Attributes That Make A Person Worth Following?
Track 3 - Why Place A Great Deal Of Emphasis On Leaders Use?
Track 4 - Are Words Equally Important When Speaking To A Small Or Large Group?
Track 5 - How Do You Identify A Good Leader?


About Lisa McInnes-Smith

Lisa McInnes-Smith Lisa McInnes-Smith is one of Australia’s most sought after Conference speakers, successful businesswoman, best selling author and Sports Psychologist

Lisa was raised in a family of sporting professionals and graduated in Education and Sports Psychology. Lisa passionately sought to identify the attributes that separate peak performers from the rest. During the process, she set a goal to positively influence the lives of one million Australian teenagers. It took eight years to achieve that goal, and opened the door of opportunity to speak into the lives of corporate Australia.

Now with 20 years of professional speaking experience and seven best selling books, Lisa is the only person outside North America to be inducted into the International Speakers Hall of Fame.

Lisa has now influenced well over one million adults, thrilling large audiences around the world. She has shared the stage with two American Presidents, one Vice President and a host of celebrities, including the late Ray Charles.

On a lifelong journey of growth and development herself, Lisa is passionate about inspiring others to make smart choices that will improve their lives. She has a very special gift to encourage and uplift others, and her unique presentation style challenges others to move toward their peak level of performance, focus on building a balanced life and grow their skill base in developing great relationships, in both their business and personal lives.

Lisa has prepared a page of great ideas to help bring balance in your life. To receive your copy just contact Lisa’s office.

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Web Site:
Phone: +61 3 9585 2399
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