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Personal Success

Are you able to achieve balance in your life? Or does what really matter get pushed to the side a bit too often? How are you coping with stress - and have you every suffered from burnout? How can resilience and a positive mindset alter your results? Are you looking to pass on your business to the next generation? In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in Personal Success.
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Home, Not Alone

To create a survivable work-life balance in her small business, Sue Muller had to be very clear about what she wanted from her life, her career, and her family.

Instinctive Growth

A Melbourne-based fashion designer has achieved rapid growth and a family friendly company structure using a very basic management tool: how it feels to her.

All Quiet On The Family Front

Coping with the needs of employees’ personal and family lives stresses them and their managers. There are solutions.

Making The Family Trade Pay

Many family businesses fail at the second generation. But Hardings Hardware has made itself into an award-winner.

Everybody's Taking Care of Business

If staff are given real responsibilities, they start to feel responsible for the success of the business too.

Performance Counts In Family Businesses Too

Family businesses shouldn't be sheltered workshops for family members. Donelly Group chairman Bruce Donelly explains how to keep up performance standards.

Total 21 articles in this section.
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