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Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Early on in her career Jeanette Larsen found limitations in the corporate world preventing her from being able to break through the barriers to step into higher leadership roles.
Entrepreneur Jeanette Larsen, Managing Director
Company 4B Solutions
Business type Bookkeeping
Founded 2016
Head office Adelaide, South Australia
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"Stay Aligned To Your Why"

- Jeanette Larsen

The turning point for Jeanette was a heartfelt conversation with her dad before he fell into a coma. “For the first time in my life I had a heart-to-heart conversation with him. He told me that I keep pushing myself and doing things for everyone else and that it was time for me to think about what I wanted and to start making decisions with me in mind. I had always told this to my children but never took my own advice.”

“I wasn’t expecting to struggle with my father’s death but it had a large impact on me. I asked my employer at the time if I could take some time off during the quiet period. I was told by the directors that I couldn't take time off. Prior to the discussion I decided that if they said ‘no’, I would resign. Despite my attempt to negotiate they would not allow me to take time off so I handed in my resignation.”

After some time off to consider what she really wanted to do, Jeanette registered 4B Solutions.  A business that assists and offers guidance to business owners to help them better understand their finances in order to make better decisions and develop growth.

Turning a corner

“I fundamentally believe that the negative things that have occurred in my life have led to positive situations. The evidence of that one tragic situation is that five years on, I have two businesses and staff members.”

The key to success

Jeanette believes that “Persistence, acknowledging that you don't need to be an expert in everything and allowing yourself to receive the support. The first two years of business are challenging but if you get over the hurdles success is inevitable.

My skill set in Finance and HR assists me to help other people and what I love about what I do is the ever changing industry.  

Being able to help businesses read their numbers, to understand them, to know how to utilise software to help your bottom line and working with them at a ground level rather than high level overviews.”

Jeanettes no judgement approach, combined with her compassion and empathy for people in all circumstances has created a reputation where she is known for future-proof businesses through process and systems support with a focus on sustainability and growth.

Bringing dreams to life

The driving force behind the 4B Solutions brand is providing a helping hand for business owners to achieve their goals so they can better themselves. “Everyone deserves an opportunity. I provide guidance and act as a sounding board and a source of inspiration to young people wanting to get into business.”

Cutting edge

“It's not just about bookkeeping, and not just about crunching numbers. It's about educating clients, and looking at how I can help them streamline their business. Because of my experience in Finance, HR, Administration, mergers and acquisitions, I bring knowledge and advice that sets me apart from other bookkeepers.”

Staying aligned to your why

“Knowing the right time and the right mindset before you start a business is key. In my 20’s I didn't have the family support I needed to start a business.”

Jeanette's advice before starting a business is to ensure it is something you are passionate about. “Really consider why you are passionate about it and to use your intuition and trust your gut.”

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