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Covering All The Bases

Monday 14 February, 2022
When it comes to experience in the insurance industry, Tracey Miller from TLM Insurance has this in spades. With 37 years in the insurance game her belief for success comes from her passion. “You need to have passion to last this long in this industry and a real desire to help people and protect what is important to them.”
Entrepreneur Tracey Miller
Company TLM Insurance Solutions
Business type

General Insurance Broker

Founded 2014
Head office Adelaide, South Australia
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"Personal, honest, real service"

- Tracey Miller

Buzzing with care

“When I was working for other companies, I would help people but I didn't feel a sense of satisfaction. Something was missing. Then when I started my business 6 years ago, I had a greater drive to work with professional people from all walks of life. I wanted to be someone that could provide them with quality assurance, someone that could be there for them and provide them with professional service, see them on a regular basis, complete reviews throughout the year and just let them know that I am there and I care.”

Tracey has seen a change in the way business owners approach insurance. “A lot of people are looking for that personal touch. They don’t necessarily want to receive a notice to advise them to pay without reading or reflecting on whether their cover still makes sense. Educating and going out to talk to people is my passion.”

Doing the right thing

Providing people with upfront honesty, providing them with what they want to hear and giving them above and beyond service so they can make the right decision is Tracey’s core philosophy. “Humour, passion and building trust are the keys that create my point of difference.”

Personal and passionate

Continuing to learn in order to educate and help others, and remaining strict on the internal procedures within the business have certainly paid off. TLM Insurance Solutions has had more than 30% growth year on year.

Compliance with licensee groups and continual reviews that are personal with every renewal ensures her clients are receiving the right protection for their assets and business. “Even if the conversation covers home and business insurance, we want to make sure our clients are protected.”

A holistic approach

Tracey’s advice to new business owners is to first sanity check if they have everything setup correctly before insurance is chosen. “I provide new business owners with a holistic service. I am not just selling them a product. I want to know if they have seen an accountant, set up a business name, spoken to a lawyer, have the right contracts for protection, and then we can choose the right cover.”

One of the core values for TLM Insurance Solutions is providing good quality advice.  “You need to grasp what your client needs, listen, be proactive and courteous to let people know they are in safe hands. If you remain honest and upfront, if you work with integrity and in a disciplined manner, success will follow. Go and get out there and be kind!”

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