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Growing Your Business

So you've got the basics under wraps, and now you're turning your focus towards business growth - how do you do it? Do your business and strategic plans hold up to scruity or are they stuck in a drawer? How will you manage change so that all your staff are on board? How can you generate new ideas that will be profitable? In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in Growing Your Business.
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Export - With A Little Help From Friends

A Sydney logistics company has grown swiftly by helping its customers to find new business in Asia – and as they grow bigger so does GT Logistics.

How Sweet Is Success

An innovative marketing promotions system, using printed chocolate, has found a solid international market by franchising.

Be First, Fast - And Fun

Two young travellers had a good idea in 1988 and acted on it immediately. Now they have a business that turns over $35 million a year.

The Tough Times Survivors’ Guide

The head of a specialist recruitment firm took four years to find the right general manager. And the appointment became even more critical when the boom times went bust.

Franchise Success By The Book

Do you want to rapidly expand a franchise system? You need a tried, tested and well-documented business model says a fast-growing Sydney franchiser.

The Seeds Of Overseas Success

A NSW potato seed company has rapidly expanded into international markets with the help of good partners and alliances.

The Fast Way To Foreign Markets

A courier company has adapted its franchise system, enabling it to quickly and cost-effectively expand into foreign markets.

A Good Phoenix Dusts Off Its Ashes

Friday 28 June 2002

When Cleanevent went into voluntary administration, its founder did not stop fighting for his company.

How To Succeed At Succession

The CEO of a family-owned hardware chain in Victoria knows it is time to retire. But how to pass the baton - and to whom?

Sick Company, Good Prognosis

Before George Savvides took on the job of fixing an ailing health-care services technology company he diagnosed the patient’s chance of survival.

The Tricky Business Of Exporting

The secrets of a successful export business? Consistency, marketing and good research for starters.

A Kiwi's Global Flying Lessons

A New Zealand software company’s appointment of a CEO in the United States shows how much selling – and how little – can be done online.

Disaster Plants Seeds Of Future Triumph

Baker Tom O’Toole made every mistake in the book when he bought and briefly owned his first business in the early 1970s – which is why his current one is so successful.

Take The $10 Million - And Don't Run

Selling your business might be like selling your own child – but it may be the best option.

From Bedroom To Boardroom With A Bit Of Help From (Good) Friends

Megatec’s international IT services business owes a lot of its success to good strategic alliances. But the real success secret is picking and managing alliance partners.

Total 114 articles in this section.
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