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Growing Your Business

So you've got the basics under wraps, and now you're turning your focus towards business growth - how do you do it? Do your business and strategic plans hold up to scruity or are they stuck in a drawer? How will you manage change so that all your staff are on board? How can you generate new ideas that will be profitable? In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in Growing Your Business.
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Pride After A Fall

When expansion plans backfired for a specialist printer, a hard choice had to be made: crystallise a big loss or risk far worse happening to the company?

On Their Buses

Find your niche and make it pay in every way. One Melbourne school tour travel entrepreneur has learnt that lesson – the hard way.

Stylish Growth Business

Don’t get angry - start a business. That’s what two Melbourne women did when they got sick of frumpy pregnancy clothes.

Stairway To Success

Rapid growth can send business processes haywire and keep managers too busy to step back and analyse the big picture. Time to call in the consultants?

Learned Helpfulness

An online training company has had a lot to learn about getting new business - and staying in business.

How Being Different Can Make You Mega Millions

How can it be that the competition can lose billions, but one company make millions? What does it take to think differently, be different, get different results in business.

Growing With Care

A brain-injury rehabilitation business has more referrals than it can handle – but expansion is not an easy option.

Web Weaver At Work

After the dot-com crash, a web-site developer needed vision, persistence and the right market niche to survive.

Cheap And Cheerless

Cheap imports can end up costing money and reputations. The key is to find good suppliers – and that takes research, effort and money.

The Personal Touch

A mid-life crisis got two Melbourne entrepreneurs into the book trade. Following their instincts and relying on a personal style of doing business have got them exciting new markets.

Systematic Success

Franchising is a great way to expand a business concept using other people’s capital and skills. But the success of any system depends on good communication between franchisor and franchisee.

Business Projection

An Australian events company has hurdled the obstacles to opening its first overseas office - and managed to retain its unique culture.

Law Of Increasing Returns

An Australian legal software maker has learnt valuable lessons about how to get an international operation up – and running.

Mr. Disaster's Growth Plan

The head of a Sydney-based disaster-recovery company says networking and choosing pragmatic employees have helped his business bloom.

A Sockful Of Export Success

Thanks to three ‘P’s, a sock maker in country Victoria has survived industry restructures and become an exporter to the United States.

Total 114 articles in this section.
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