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Growing Your Business

So you've got the basics under wraps, and now you're turning your focus towards business growth - how do you do it? Do your business and strategic plans hold up to scruity or are they stuck in a drawer? How will you manage change so that all your staff are on board? How can you generate new ideas that will be profitable? In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in Growing Your Business.
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How To Launch And Sustain A Global Online Business

Is it possible to launch and run a successful global business from a desk in Australia - without the help of sales representatives on the ground overseas? The answer is yes. Toby Biddle has managed to do just that as CEO of Loop11.

Getting Your Ideas Taken Seriously At A Young Age

Is youth a barrier to success? Eyal Halamish, CEO and Founder of OurSay, has proven that it does not need to be.

Attracting Attention In The US Market

Thinking big has always been a motto for Mellissah Smith, Marketing Director and founder of Marketing Eye. After establishing her company (a marketing services provider) in Australia, she saw a gap in the US market and seized the opportunity to expand. “The US was a space that had no global player,” she says.

Profiting From The Next Big Thing

Just when you thought it was impossible to keep up with technology, Rob Ward has proven everyone wrong. In just two years, his iPhone case manufacturing company Annex Products has reeled in phenomenal success – despite changes in iPhone design.

Leading The Way In Difficult Economic Circumstances

It’s a huge challenge to maintain a business in a turbulent economic climate, let alone start one. However, Efficiency Leaders was established during the GFC and has been flourishing ever since.

Keeping On Track When Going It Alone

Jason Smith co-founded CashFlow advantage with a business partner back in 2005, but two and half years ago they went their separate ways. This was an extremely difficult period for Jason as the subsequent change in structure proved extremely complicated. Here Jason shares some of the strategies he employed to get back on top of his business after the break up.

Making Changes To Stimulate Growth

The company Lee Hecht Harrison was established in 1974, and it has since built a reputation as one of Australia’s largest and most successful HR firms. But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Several years ago, the company experienced a slump and was recording drastically low profits. Success was beginning to wane.

To Infiniti And Beyond

It may not sound like the smartest idea to set up a new telecommunications company when the market is fraught with competition. But Pete Williams, CEO of Infiniti Telecommunications, fearlessly launched his phone solutions company several years ago – with huge success. Despite pitting himself against big players like Telstra and Optus, he claimed his stake in a saturated marketplace. Here, he shares some of the tricks he keeps up his sleeve.

Conquering Customer Skepticism

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Vertaccount is an online bookkeeping, payroll and accounting company. Established only two years ago, it has experienced outstanding growth thanks to outsourcing its back-end administration to Manila. However, they had to deal with initial doubt regarding their offshoring business model.

Doing Business Across Multiple Borders

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Manufacturing costs in China are cheap and turnaround time is fast, however, the process can be fraught with problems. Read on to see how Matt Cave of VAVAVOOM overcame obstacles and fostered a successful business that works across multiple borders.

Building Up When Times Are Down

Equipping customers with tools to manage their finances, anywhere, anytime, has been a huge success for web-based business Bill.com. However, it was challenging to nurture and grow a start-up at the same time that the US economy suffered a huge blow during the GFC. René had to determine where to invest his venture capital funds and at what rate to build his workforce at a time when the national economy was crashing around him.

Reversing Recession

When Richard Close acquired a forklift sales business turning over 100 million plus a year, he thought he had it made - until the recession hit a year later. Richard knew he had to act fast. He shares how he kept the business afloat – and made vast improvements at the same time.

All Set Up For Business Growth

Managing rapid business growth can be a bit like hanging on to the tail of a tiger - or in this entrepreneur's experience, an online accounting solution that boomed from start-up to over 200,000 users in just a few years.

Master Glass

The Colmax Glass recycling business has lessons for everyone about starting, financing and staffing an innovative manufacturing operation in Australia.

Pipe Dreams

Tuesday 13 December 2011

One Melbourne plumber turned his life and his business around when he decided to focus on clearing blocked drains. With the help of a business mentor, he has quadrupled his revenues in the past three years and created the foundations for a national operation.

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