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Business Basics

What are the basics of business? What do you need to get your new business up and running smoothly? The Business Basics category throughout the IIDM website addresses these questions and more, and provides you with the framework to getting your business off on the right foot. In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in the Business Basics.
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Baby Steps To Market

Sometimes it takes more than just a great product to succeed. It needs to fit with the spirit of the times to win hearts and minds - and sales.

Success Modules

If there's a recession on, these Victorian builders don't know about it. They have stopped advertising and expect revenue to almost double over the next two years. What's the secret?

Bagging New Sales

A maker of fashionable shopping bags should be dying during a global economic recession, right? Wrong. Sales are up since it repitched its products as cost-effective long-term, brand-building promotional tools.

Recession-Proofing The Cellar

A company that provides services to wine connoisseurs should be worried by the world recession right? Wrong. The owners of this business are looking to thrive on good service.

Good Times Food

Spotting a niche food market and filling it internationally with marketable brands has required tenacity, persistence and a passion for food from a Melbourne-based manufacturer.

Hive Jive

Kill your brand integrity or lose your business? A regional honey producer with a national business faced this awful choice - and emerged stronger as a result.

Chinese Lessons

One entrepreneur started out with a $49 USB stick and a seat at an internet cafe. But by using her teaching skills and knowledge of China, she has created a thriving new business.

Game On

A sales rep who started his own importing business in the family garage has built sales by 4,233% in seven years - thanks to some hard business lessons, a loving family and a devilish desire to beat the big players.

Australians Abroad

With more than one million Australians working overseas, there was a market for an international networking group. Growing it means staying relevant to members' needs.

D.I.Y. Staff Retention

Allowing work teams to decide how to spend their training budgets, and providing staff with a $3000 referral bonus help keep the head count growing at a global engineering firm.

Age Of Assent

Talent2 has to work hard at keeping its Gen X, Gen Y and baby boomers all happy - and keen to stay. Its attrition rate is half the industry average.

Networked For Growth

When an IT consultancy started in the early 1990s budgets were tight and advertising was an unaffordable dream. Networking brought in the clients.

The Right Staff

Finding and keeping five-star staff in an isolated mountain village posed a big problem for an upmarket regional resort. It was time for creativity ...

Enemy Territory

A call-centre business just keeps on winning Employer of the Year awards thanks to its policy of eliminating the enemies of engagement.

Making A Big Splash

Launching a product with no market and no brand name behind it took some creative marketing by one passionate Melbourne entrepreneur.

Total 98 articles in this section.
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Contract Labour Cannot Solve All Your Problems

By CEO Online

Time to hire some contract staff? A leading Australian labor firm gives advice on what you should do - and should not do.

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