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Marketing Plan
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An effective marketing plan is vitally important to any business. Below you will find articles that will teach you about market research, techniques, low-cost marketing, and many other principles that are sure to help you dream big.

The Super 12s Of A Marketing Plan

In a cluttered market, with lots of competition, there are 12 "must haves" in your marketing plan.
Expert Talk > Growing Your Business > Writing A Marketing Plan

Just 7 Steps To Marketing Plan Success

The trouble with simply "doing" without a plan in place, is that you can get stuck moving forward without a plan - and subsequently, without direction. And that's just not advisable under ANY circumstance!
Expert Talk > Growing Your Business > Writing A Marketing Plan

Developing Your Marketing Plan

Strategy is where business begins. Developing a strategy involves drawing on your knowledge, practical experience and creative thinking to create an action plan for business success.
Expert Talk > Growing Your Business > Writing A Marketing Plan

Don't Let Your Marketing Plan End Up In A Museum!

If you want your business to gather pace rather than dust, it's vital that any marketing plan you write is effective and easily implemented. Sounds like a no brainer, but the majority of plans - all written with the best intentions of course - end up wallowing in the bottom of filing cabinets or being used a year later as scrap paper.
Expert Talk > Growing Your Business > Writing A Marketing Plan

Marketing Techniques That Assist In Growing Your Business  

How can a marketing consultant charge $3,000 an hour and get away with it? Simply because marketing is the area of your business where you have the most leverage.
Expert Talk > Business Basics > Marketing Fundamentals

Knowledge Based Brand Marketing  

Client and target market research is one of the most important steps in brand development.
Expert Talk > Business Basics > Building & Managing A Brand

Direct Marketing  

There have been countless examples through the years that have proved that if you do direct marketing right, it can create fantastic value for your organisation. This Learning Module takes you through many of the fundamentals and gives an overview of how you can promote your business effectively with professional direct marketing.
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