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Change Management
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Change is inevitable and is made more difficult if we don't have the right skills to manage it. The need for change is increasing and organisations must be capable of effective change in order to succeed in the future. Browse the articles below to further your understanding of change management.

Overcoming The 5 Fears Of Change

All progress is the result of change. So fearing change or fighting change is the wrong way to go. Instead, choose to change. Fight the fears that block your change. And look for the progress that will come your way.
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Why Organisational Change Fails

The following are some of the most common reasons I've identified why organisational change fails. You can use the list for diagnostic purposes, or to prevent mistakes in future attempts at change.
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Leading Through Change Management

Paramount to your current and future business success is the calibre and performance of your staff, particularly in a period of rapid growth and change.
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Change Management: Three Essential Ingredients For Success

This article focuses on what factors differentiate a successful manager of change - or makes one a driver of positive and intentional change. What combination of factors will impact on your people, retain and stretch the brilliant, and still not scare off those who want a "steady, normal" job...?
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Keeping Ahead Of Change

Whether as a leader responsible for implementing change, or just as an individual looking at the change that comes at us regularly, these five keys will help you to successfully adapt to the change you will inevitably face. This article aims to provide you with a broader perspective in which to place any change within the context of your life.
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Managing Change Without Conflict And Disruption

Change is inevitable but is often difficult to introduce to staff in the workplace. Exactly what you say and how you say it can make a major impact on how change is handled in your company.
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Conditions For Successful Change  

If there is one element every one of us needs mastery over, it is CHANGE. Some of us resist it; others relax into it; and others relish it and drives the rest of us crazy creating it! This audio presentation will explore some of your choices - and chances - in a time of change.
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