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Leadership Styles
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What's your leadership style? There are many aspects to being a great leader, browse the articles, case studies and tools below and find out what kind of leader you are, and how you can improve on your leadership skills.

Are You A Leader Or A Manager?

Without managers, the visions of leaders remain dreams. Leaders need managers to convert visions into realities. For continuous success, organisations need both managers and leaders. However, as most seem to be over-managed and under-led, they need to find ways of having both at the same time.
Expert Talk > Leadership > Styles & Qualities Of Leaders

5 Attributes Of Growth Leaders  

Growth leaders are distinctive not only in their actions, but also in their attributes. These specific attributes are more like personality traits than true leadership skills, and they ultimately build trust.
Expert Talk > Leadership > Styles & Qualities Of Leaders

Your Brand Of Leadership

What is your leadership brand? What leadership brand does your organisation need from its leaders to add value to the company brand?
Expert Talk > Leadership > Styles & Qualities Of Leaders

True Leadership

There are many aspects to being a great leader. We believe that despite this, every leadership characteristic can be defined under only two main categories. These categories are either skills or behavioural.
Expert Talk > Leadership > Styles & Qualities Of Leaders

Leadership: Innate Or Taught?

The debate on whether leadership is innate or taught seems never-ending. The source of the debate is simple to identify: organizations want to identify leaders.
Expert Talk > Leadership > Fostering Leadership Talent

What Makes A Good Leader?  

Leadership development is a critical issue to all businesses today. Find your best leaders and nurture their potential.
Expert Talk > Leadership > Fostering Leadership Talent

Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way  

There are many models for great leadership, and leaders are not 'born'. Leadership is a lifestyle - a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of bringing out the best in those around you. Leadership is also a choice.
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What Real Leaders Do And Fake One's Don't

Learn the strategies to discover the authenticity of your leadership and management, your effectiveness as a leader and a manager and how innovative your organisation can be.
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Keys To Unlocking The Essence Of Leadership  

Effective leadership involves self-awareness and the ability to develop and maintain constructive relationships. Improving the "essence" of your leadership skills to better understand and respond to followers' needs and influence others will achieve results for yourself, your team and your organisation or business. The aim of this Learning Module is to enhance the way that we understand ourselves and our interactions with others.
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