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Customer Relationship Management, Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
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Success in business is never just about a product or a service, it is always about the customer. And often, it is what you do with the customers that you have already attracted that really matters in the long run. Customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty. The articles and tools below will show you the real value of developing strong relationships with your customers - no matter what industry you are in.

The Ladder Of Customer Loyalty - Turning Prospects Into Evangelists   

Every business owner dreams of maximising the number of evangelists for their business. Evangelists are the people who will shout your praises from the roof-top and help you in building an ever-expanding loyal customer base - all for free. What more can you ask for? But how do you turn your prospects into evangelists?
Expert Talk > Business Basics > Increasing Customer Satisfaction

9 Tips For Building Customer Loyalty  

Why do we focus so much of our time and effort on tracking down new business, when our most profitable customers are the ones we already have? The following 9 tips are the best ways I know to consistently and reliably exceed your customers' expectations, and build greater loyalty - and higher profits - for life.
Expert Talk > Business Basics > Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Seven Factors For Building Extreme Customer Loyalty  

A satisfied customer is NOT always a loyal customer! Discover seven indicators that will help you go beyond simply satisfying customers, to protecting and growing your strategic accounts.
Expert Talk > Business Basics > Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Keeping Good Customers By Earning Customer Loyalty  

A goal of every organisation is to increase its assets over time. These assets are typically defined in terms of revenue, customer accounts, properties, human resources, and capital. But there are two hidden assets, that every organisation can develop, and are critical for marketing success - their brand and customers.
Expert Talk > Business Basics > Increasing Customer Satisfaction

21 Ways To Deliver Great Customer Service  

You don’t need a million dollar marketing budget or even a large staff to deliver great customer service.
Expert Talk > Business Basics > Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Increasing Customer Loyalty  

Whether it is a small business like a local pizza shop, the members of a tennis club or users of a large mobile phone network, customer know-how is everything. In essence business success is determined by the ability to nurture intimate, two-way learning relationships with your customers. To help you improve customer loyalty let us take a moment to explore 6 tips that can lead to higher levels of customer relations.
Expert Talk > Business Basics > Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Customer Comfort Zone

Australia’s import bill has been cut and a successful new business created — thanks to a car fabric designer who thought there was a better way to service customers.
Case Studies > Business Basics > Sales & Marketing

King Customer And The Seven 'P's

When Barbeques Galore tried to expand into camping gear, its staff and customers lost brand focus. Now, it is working hard to grow its core business - in the backyard.
Case Studies > Business Basics > Sales & Marketing

Sky-High Service

In the mature, fiercely competitive corporate travel market, ‘Loyalty Moments’ and superior service make all the difference.
Case Studies > Business Basics > Sales & Marketing

Customer Retention: The Art Of Keeping Good Customers™  

Many organisations place their highest emphasis on attracting and gaining new customers. While this is important, I feel it is more important to place a higher emphasis on retaining and keeping your current customers.
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Client Communications  

Rebecca Laskary offers practical advice and guidance for taking immediate steps towards improving client communication to increase client satisfaction and client engagement or sales.
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