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Business Growth
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Why some companies see business growth and success over many years, while other companies struggle to move beyond their initial growth stage and early successes? Having a sound growth strategy is essential. Discover business articles, case studies and tools to help grow your business.

Understanding The Stages Of Business Growth

Recognising the different stages of your company's growth and adapting your own leadership skills to what is required, will pay off in spades as you face the myriad of challenges that lay in wait for anyone who runs a successful company.
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Tapping Into Funding To Grow Your Business

Are you looking to start up a business commercialising a new technology, engineering or other innovation? There is help available - from government grants to private equity backing - if you know where to look and how to go about positioning your business to potential backers.
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Getting More From Your Staff In Periods Of Fast Business Growth  

Companies that are growing rapidly - whether by design or demand - deal with additional problems. Managers have new issues and often the problem solving strategies of the past are not sufficient. Learn the three 'R's of communicating effectively and lead your team into the future.
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Get In Gear For Business Growth  

Are you taking full advantage of the gears to accelerate your business growth? If not, then make a start and the most of the opportunities. It may make a significant difference to your bottom line.
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Focus On Business Basics Before Growth  

Identifying, assessing and appropriately acting upon business growth opportunities is always one of the most crucial aspects of business success. And even in difficult economic times, there are likely to be opportunities for solid, successful businesses to develop and grow.
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Enabling 'Entrepreneurial' Business Growth   

Why do some companies grow and are successful over many years, while other companies struggle to 'move-beyond' their initial growth stage and early successes? Having made the decision to grow the business, how does the business owner plan for growth?
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Taking Your Business To The Next Level  

Once you are actually in business and have placed a "stake in the ground" and developed a product or a service, a brand, some customers and some distribution, moving to the next level should not be all that difficult, or necessarily risky. All that is required is an understanding of some simple principles.
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Ultimate Acquisitions: Failure Rates Are High  

Business growth through acquisitions are complex projects which stretch the capabilities of most businesses. Thus it is not unreasonable to find a high rate of failure. Many companies undertake acquisitions with inadequate preparation and with inadequate resources. The reasons for failures are many. An appreciation of the root causes of the most common failures can help the entrepreneur appreciate the nature of business growth through acquisition activities and the type and scope of resources needed to succeed.
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