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Human Resource Management
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Within small and medium sized businesses there is sometimes a belief that some of the human resource management (HRM) techniques are only for the 'big companies'. In practice, it could be argued that getting the best from your people is more important the smaller you are - each person becomes a larger percentage of your workforce.

Getting More Discretionary Effort From Your Staff  

If you are a savvy leader, you will plan to give more to get more. And money is not part of the equation. Most leaders are surprised to learn that employees can be motivated by factors other than money. Discover five management levers you can apply to engage employees and earn more discretionary effort from them.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Boosting Staff Productivity

6 Steps To Effective Incentive Compensation  

The elements of a successful incentive plan - whether for a manufacturer, a credit union, a general contractor, or a restaurant franchise - are all the same. Here are 6 steps to making your incentive compensation a success.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Incentives, Rewards & Bonuses

Top 10 Employee Selection Mistakes ... And Solutions   

Selecting the right people is a critical leadership lever that drives growth. Employee selection is the ultimate pay-me-now or pay-me-later leadership proposition.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Finding & Recruiting Staff

Turning Negative Feedback Into A Positive Experience  

Almost all managers find it hard to give negative feedback. When asked which skill area they would most like to improve, they almost always nominate this as a primary need. The key is to give feedback in a way that allows staff to interpret suggestions made by the manager in a positive light.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Underperforming Employees

7 No- Or Low-Cost Ideas To Retain Employees  

In these uncertain times, you may find yourself in the midst of an HR budget freeze. But you still need to engage your staff, so that once the economy is back in growth mode, they'll stick with you. Use these no-cost/low-cost ideas for encouraging growth, in-lieu of a formal promotion.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Engaging & Retaining Staff

Bringing It All Together - Performance, Market and Job  

Maintaining the system in a logical and transparent way is crucial as people expect to have their salaries reviewed at least annually and want this to be on a consistent and fair basis. An effective salary review process also enables the business to reap the benefits of having a comprehensive salary system.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Designing Salary Packages

Effective Performance Management  

Would your business be different if everyone you hired did what they were supposed to - on time and on budget? If the rest of your planning is up to scratch and you have the right people, the missing link could be performance management.
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Effectively Find, Inspire And Retain Talented People  

What are the drivers of the current talent war and how aware are you of the impact they will have in the short and long term? Finding, inspiring and retaining people to work in a modern, competitive commercial environment has never been harder. The bad news is it's about to get tougher.
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The Most Frequently Asked Employee Relations Questions   

Working with small to medium businesses ... 4 issues seem to dominate. Those issues cause significant concern to managers and can become very costly in terms of time and money.
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Workforce Segmentation  

How to segment your workforce and identify critical roles. Not everyone is equal! Not all employees possess knowledge and skills of equal strategic importance. They differ in their potential to add value, and in what they expect from work. A 'one size fits all' approach to people management is a recipe for mediocrity. The choice of segmentation model is fundamental to developing a rational and consistent approach for addressing the people management challenges ahead.
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