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International Business
Free Business Articles, Case Studies & Tools For Success

A collection of in-depth articles designed to help you succeed in the fragile world of international business.

Chinese Suppliers: Do Your Due Diligence

When considering potential suppliers from China, careful planning and due diligence are needed in order to protect your business and investments.
Expert Talk > Growing Your Business > Doing Business In China

Are You Ready For International Expansion?

Establishing your business overseas can be both risky and rewarding. To determine whether your business is ready, work through this series of simple questions.
Expert Talk > Growing Your Business > Operating Overseas

Expanding Internationally: 8 Points To Consider Before Going Global

Expanding internationally can be an attractive and lucrative business proposition. When carefully and strategically planned and executed, an international business unit will add to the value of your business overall.
Expert Talk > Growing Your Business > Operating Overseas

Overcoming Trade Difficulties In China

Australian companies have experienced mixed results dealing with China, as they come to terms with the language, cultural, business and political hurdles that exist. This article explains why, and how to improve your own chances of a successful trading relationship with this country.
Expert Talk > Growing Your Business > Doing Business In China

Competing & Succeeding Globally : Six Key Strategies

Charles Kovess discusses six practical strategies to increase your ability to compete globally. He shows why acting contrary to conventional wisdom is so important and explores the need for courage to fight the cynics and non-believers. In this 'Knowledge Age', he challenges us to think about where knowledge actually resides in our organisations.
Expert Talk > Growing Your Business > Growing The Business

Opportunity And Peril: Global Trade For The Family Business

The world is wide with opportunity for family businesses. But at the same time, endeavours into the global market can be perilous, particularly as company management defines its global business strategy and assesses the role of family members in executing this strategy. Several fundamental guidelines can be followed to mitigate the risks inherent in international trade and global business ventures in general.
Expert Talk > Growing Your Business > Operating Overseas

Cheap And Cheerless

Cheap imports can end up costing money and reputations. The key is to find good suppliers - and that takes research, effort and money.
Case Studies > Growing Your Business > International Business

The Fast Way To Foreign Markets

A courier company has adapted its franchise system, enabling it to quickly and cost-effectively expand into foreign markets. The story of Bill McGowan's tremendous success expanding his courier franchise in Australia and New Zealand. The business, which was established in 1983, has a clear niche - concentrating on market segments that are ignored by large courier companies.
Case Studies > Growing Your Business > International Business

China - Taming The Dragon  

China is a very attractive proposition for many organisations. However the Chinese market is a unique, complex and difficult one. There is no other market quite like it. Despite its appeal, billions of dollars in investments have been lost in the past. How do businesses lose such large sums of money so quickly? In this Learning Module, you will uncover the eight practices that will guarantee failure in China, discover how to bridge the cultural divide and how to appropriately market your brand in China.
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