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Business Mentor
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Have you considered securing the services of a business mentor or coach as tool for your personal and professional development? What are the benefits of coaching or mentoring, and how can you achieve the best outcome?

Developing The Right Mentoring Program For Your Organisation   

There is good evidence to show that mentoring programs can deliver multiple benefits. However, programs differ and one that is perfect for another organisation may not be right for your business. So how do you develop a mentoring program that is right for you?
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Mentoring - the benefits to business

Few new employees, or employees new to a position, are able to "hit the ground running" without guidance. This guidance may be in the form of staff training, or in coaching or mentoring situations.
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A Guide To Maximising Your Time In Mentoring Meetings

So you've got a mentoring programme in place that you're involved in, (either as a mentor or protégé). How do you go about making the most of your meetings?
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Mentoring - How To Get The Most Out Of A Mentor   

A quick guide to getting the most out of your mentor.
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Executive Mentoring   

The day to day pressures on senior and middle management are increasing in line with the accelerating rate of technological change and market globalisation. Mentoring, closely aligned to coaching, is a method of providing managers with an opportunity to improve their performance and their lifestyle.
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Mentoring And Supporting The Designated Successor

For most family business owners, an integral part of the succession planning process involves mentoring and providing the necessary ongoing support for the designated successor.
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Business Mentoring  

A business mentor is someone who can act as a sounding board for your ideas and plans, and helps you think outside the square. They bring their own unique experience of life and business and are willing to share their skills and know how with you.
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