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Family Business
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Family businesses come in many sizes, and research shows that they can have clearly defined problems, which frequently are repetitive and avoidable. This collection of articles comprehensively covers the issues facing the family business.

Clear Boundaries Make All The Difference For Family Business

Since the same family members may be involved in both ownership and management of the family business, while others may only have one of these roles, in order to navigate effectively between family membership, ownership and management roles, it is necessary for a family enterprise to create clear differentiation and boundaries between them.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Balancing Family Relationships

Dynamics, Emotions And Conflict In Family Business

Many business difficulties stem from issues within the family. Since conflict is common, families in business should learn the best methods for resolving differences before they boil over.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Balancing Family Relationships

Power In The Family Business

This article intends to provide a clearer understanding of power, particularly as it is exercised in connection with the three key elements of family business, that is, the wealth, the family, and the business itself.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Balancing Family Relationships

20 Tips To Winning Family Business

Family businesses seem to bring out the best and the worst in us. So what winning ways set apart the successful family businesses from the dysfunctional? Successful family businesses are perceptive and understand their strengths and weaknesses. They set up processes and use techniques to protect themselves and their family members from struggling and falling out. They surround themselves with intelligent and trusted non-family members both working internally and externally of the business.
Expert Talk > Business Basics > Managing The Family Business

Family Business Succession Planning

Lansberg (1988) describes succession planning as the process of making the preparations necessary to ensure family harmony and continuity of the business through to subsequent generations, emphasising that these preparations relate to the future needs of both the business and the family.
Expert Talk > Personal Success > Succession Planning

Capitalising On The Strengths Of Family Owned Businesses

Family-owned businesses (FOBs) constitute the oldest and most common form of commercial activity around the world. Unlike public companies (many of which are also family dominated) where ownership, management, and control are relatively distributed between company management, the board of directors, and shareholders, the FOBs situation is reversed.
Expert Talk > Business Basics > Managing The Family Business

How To Succeed At Succession

The CEO of a hardware chain in Victoria knows it is time to retire. But how to pass the baton - and to whom?
Succession, Mergers & Acquisitions

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