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Business Management Skills
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Running a business requires a broad management skills base. From developing a master business plan, supervising and managing staff to making effective and engaging presentations as the spokesperson for your business.

Want Better Staff? Become A Better Manager  

Effective people management has a clear and positive impact on your bottom line. Far from a "fluffy" activity, managing your people well can reap rich rewards. Discover six areas that demonstrate the most compelling reasons for ensuring you keep on top of your people management skills.
Expert Talk > Leadership > Developing Leadership Skills

10 Management Don'ts   

Common workplace behaviours often develop into standard management practices. Many are destructive. Discover 10 such practices and find out what to do instead.
Expert Talk > Leadership > Developing Leadership Skills

Six Essential Skills For Managing Conflict   

Conflict management is often one of the biggest drivers of change. Properly handled, it can help people to be more innovative and can create stronger bonds, build effective teams and improve performance. The key is to openly face an issue and negotiate a win-win outcome.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Resolving Workplace Conflict

A Good Manager Has The Skills To Bring Out Staff Potential  

Supervisory or management staff can bring out the creative and productive potential of support staff if they have specific skills.
Expert Talk > Leadership > Developing Leadership Skills

10 Management Lessons

A business amounts to little without the people behind it. The two most important things I look for when hiring are initiative and work ethic. I cannot overestimate the importance to the eventual success of your business of bringing on good people. But once you have hired these good people, how do you manage them?
Expert Talk > Leadership > Developing Leadership Skills

How To Lead And Manage A Mixed Generation Workplace  

By understanding your employees - their various influencing factors, their preferences and passions - and adopting a strategy of consultative and discursive management, you will gain the respect of your employees, start developing a more creative and dynamic team environment and improve your staff retention.
Expert Talk > Managing People > Understanding Generational Differences

Advanced Strategic Planning That Actually Works  

This Learning Module has been formulated to provide leading edge perspectives and techniques on strategic planning that have been tested in the real world of board rooms and senior leadership teams, and has been designed to provide a different point of view on key areas of strategic planning responsibilities.
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Managing Across The Generations  

Welcome to a workplace with multiple generations! Builders, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Gen Y are what we're calling them. I'm sure you will recognise these terms and will have seen the effect these different generations are having on the workplace. As a Manager, your challenge is to find a way to get these four diverse groups working together.
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