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CEOs On Social Media | Richenda Vermeulen


Engaged! | Gregg Lederman


New Webinar schedule for 2015!

Welcome to the International Institute of Directors & Managers (IIDM) 

Launched in November 2000, IIDM publishes business resources designed for the time-poor business executive, owner or manager who seeks to enhance their leadership skills and improve the performance of their business. Engage in continuous professional development (CPD) using formal or informal pathways. 

Improve your business skills at your own pace. No need to carve time out of your personal life to attend seminars and courses - most of our resources can be completed in under half an hour. It’s like a regular workout! A little bit every week will show results - fast.

IIDM’s mobile responsive design means that next time you’re having a coffee, waiting for a train or just want a 5 minute break from your regular work, you can keep up with business best practice at the press of a smartphone button. Make the most of your time out on the road.

Carefully curated content - written, audio and video - means that you can get straight into your professional development, instead of having to sift through mountains of information to find what’s applicable to you. Many of our resources are prepared exclusively for us, to our specific publishing guidelines, so that you get only the most relevant, timely and practical information on current management challenges.

“There are updates everywhere and it becomes difficult to get aligned with what really matters - that's where IIDM comes and helps.”

Our content is aimed exclusively at management. One of our members commented - “IIDM not only helps you become a manager - it helps good managers become better.” No matter what your current role is, or how long you’ve been in business, you need to stay razor sharp to remain competitive. Especially in today’s volatile global market, building on your knowledge and skill will give you the flexibility and agility you need to make the most of every opportunity.

IIDM is a fully-owned and managed subsidiary of The CEO Institute, the leading membership organisation for CEOs and Senior Managers in Australia, and is backed by their over 23 years' experience in providing the pathways to leadership excellence. IIDM is the recognised CPD medium for Certified CEO designation.

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