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Watch this Video Seminar

Workplace Engagement and Culture | Video Seminar

This seminar will look at the topics of engagement and culture. Proven to be a driver of performance in organisations, and a differentiator between companies to both customers and potential staff, engagement and culture are aspects of the business which need to be thoughtfully developed and implemented.
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Disrupt! Think Epic. Be Epic. | Book Summary

The people who will succeed today are those who figure out how to benefit from, or take advantage of, continuous disarray, disorder and disruption. Learn how to improve your personal habits in order to excel in a world full of new technology and change with Disrupt!
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The End Of The Performance Review | Book Extract

Most organisational leaders are locked into conducting annual or bi-annual performance reviews with their staff, even though they know the system is not working. Find out why organisations need an entirely new approach to managing performance in the modern workplace.
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Best Practice Recruitment Guide | Learning Module

Growth doesn't come easy. Growth requires smart decision making, especially with regards to recruiting and retention. Learn best recruitment practices in this Learning Module that start from identifying when the best time to hire is, to making the job offer.

Welcome to the International Institute of Directors & Managers (IIDM) 

Launched in November 2000, IIDM publishes business resources designed for the time-poor business executive, owner or manager who seeks to enhance their leadership skills and improve the performance of their business. IIDM also offers the opportunity to engage in continuous professional development (CPD), using formal or informal mediums. IIDM is the recognised CPD medium for The CEO Institute's Certified CEO designation.

IIDM has a unique and enviable insight into the challenges that confront current and aspiring CEOs in the Corporate, Government and SME sectors.  Irrespective of the industry, there is an notable parallel as to what keeps our business leaders awake at night!

Business leaders are expected to have all the answers - and this is a heavy burden to carry. Articles, case studies, audio seminars, book summaries, learning modules and many more resources published on the IIDM website give the business leaders of today - and tomorrow - the knowledge and confidence to solve problems and pursue opportunities.

IIDM's comprehensive library contains relevant business information on thousands of topics, suitable for easy access via PCs, tablets or mobile devices.

IIDM Learning Guides

IIDM Survey 2014


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