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Execution To Die For | Video

In this presentation, Graham Haines identifies the causes of failure and explains how any organisation can achieve 'execution to die for.' Not just once, but time and time again. You can talk about plans; you can write about them; but in the final analysis, it's the quality of execution that matters.

The 12 Week Year | Book Summary

For many companies, December is the best sales month of the year as everyone focuses on the 'year-end push' towards annual targets. The 12-week year concept is to organise yourself so you perform at your best all the time by consistently taking action on the things which will most directly affect your results.

Attracting And Retaining Talent | Book Extract

Attracting and Retaining Talent offers a practical roadmap for developing a new, more productive workplace culture, one that examines the employment relationship, reflecting the changing needs of the modern employee and the interests of a progressive organisation - an employer of choice.

Implementing An Effective Customer Feedback System | Module

Plan your executive career with guidance from some of the best corporate minds around the globe. IIDM has partnered with IvyExec to bring you access to their Career Mentor Network. Bringing rising stars together with seasoned executives for meaningful career conversations online.

Welcome to the International Institute of Directors & Managers (IIDM) 

Launched in November 2000 under the name CEO Online, (re-launched as IIDM in May 2013), IIDM publishes business resources designed for the time-poor business executive, owner or manager who seeks to enhance their leadership skills and improve the performance of their business. IIDM also offers the opportunity to engage in continuous professional development (CPD), using formal or informal mediums. IIDM is the recognised CPD medium for The CEO Institute's Certified CEO designation.

IIDM has a unique and enviable insight into the challenges that confront current and aspiring CEOs in the Corporate, Government and SME sectors.  Irrespective of the industry, there is an notable parallel as to what keeps our business leaders awake at night!

Business leaders are expected to have all the answers - and this is a heavy burden to carry. Articles, case studies, audio seminars, book summaries, learning modules and many more resources published on the IIDM website give the business leaders of today - and tomorrow - the knowledge and confidence to solve problems and pursue opportunities.

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