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You're sure to find one of our on-demand resources to meet your continuous professional development requirements in e-Learning, incorporating audio, visual and text based information. Build your business knowledge further with these great resources.

Choose from a growing list of Learning Modules, listen to over 30 business titles in the Audio Seminar Library or pick up great ideas and best practice when you read Business Book Extracts written by popular contributors to our Expert Talk section.

Featured E-Learning Content

Business Book Extract: It's Who You Know

Meet the 12 people that can accelerate your success - in business and in life. READ MORE

Business Book Extract: The Stop Doing List

The Stop Doing List gets you off the treadmill of unproductive, frenetic activity, and sets you on the path toward growth. Running a... READ MORE

Business Book Extract: Prove It

Prove It! is the executive guide to improving organisational performance through the practice of evidence-based leadership. READ MORE

Business Book Extract: The Innovation Formula

In The Innovation Formula, best-selling author and innovation psychologist Dr Amantha Imber provides intelligent science-based strategies to... READ MORE


Top CEO Issues

Top CEO Issues | CEO considerations

Marketing and media

Here's a snapshot of some of the key points discussed on this topic by CEOs and business leaders:

  • Marketing | Value and importance of leveraging the brand | Taking advantage of competitors' weaknesses | Utilising automated marketing tools to create consumer reviews, circumvent commentary in social media | Market segmentation | Pricing models | Structuring sales force and providing incentives | Relinquishing oversight of sales team to national sales manager
  • Customer relationships | Getting client mix right - value of servicing only target market clients | Building competitive advantage through focus on customer experience | Pre-bates - new way of rebates up-front | Creating urgency in clients to purchase via a compelling timely event | Strategy options when business relies on a small number of customers | Increasing prices as tactic to remove unprofitable customers | CRM systems
  • Media strategy | Value for your business - ready to respond to crisis; good news stories to tell and engaging the media to deliver them; social media strategy; media training; being an industry advocate; creating awareness around unique business service offerings; internal communications strategy; learn from competitors experience and mistakes; running crisis management scenarios to prepare board and senior leadership teams

e-Learning Sections

Top CEO Issues

Top CEO Issues features a snapshot of the Top Issues discussed by CEOs and...

Business Book Extracts

Read extracts from top business books written by IIDM's network of...

Learning Modules

Expand your leadership skills with these practical and easy-to-apply...

Video Seminars

Watch interview style videos of your favourite IIDM contributors outlining...

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