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Are you steering your ship in the right direction? How do you get team members on board with your vision? And what makes a good leader anyway? It's not only important to develop your own leadership skills, but also to bring up the next level of leaders from within your team - or do you hire externally? In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in Leadership.

How To Successfully Manage A Remote Team

Sarah Riegelhuth is the founder and CEO of Wealth Enhancers, a growing business that offers financial advice to the Gen-Y market. As part of her lead role, she is responsible for managing and expanding a team of remote employees.

Maintaining Company Culture

Like many businesses, maintaining company culture is a priority for OneShift and its CEO Gen George. "Having the right people in the company makes or breaks a business," she says. "It doesn't matter how good your product is, or your marketing campaign is. Unless you have the right team behind you making it happen, the whole business will fall to pieces."

Web Of Connection

With employees spread across 6,000kms and four time zones, communication and corporate culture building have been essential tasks for a listed environmental business leader.

Take A Chance On Me

Biotech start-ups with innovative products or processes are notoriously difficult to fund and gain market acceptance. That's when self-belief and absolute perseverance can pay off.

Keeping The Dream Alive

Leaving a mainstream career in public relations behind to work with Aboriginal communities took passion, a vision - and some hard lessons in business.

Green With Success

A business owner initially resented the environmental costs he feared would add to the expense of building a new factory. Now the business is profiting in many ways because he became a Green convert.

Show Time!

Working with comics, actors, singers and other performers requires the same managerial skills as working with "ordinary" staff: they want to be loved, appreciated, pampered and paid well.

Renovator's Delight

Changing the culture at a 40-year-old not-for-profit housing service meant changing the whole organisational structure.

All Change

An Australian manufacturer that started business making car tools in the 1920s is still thriving - but not in that field.

A Culture You Can't Leave

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a tourism company was forced into a painful restructure. The result has been a stronger, more profitable business that staff love working for.

Coach, Heal Thyself

A successful life coach found she had a lot of lessons to learn about working with people when she started her own business.

Hard Hats

A Melbourne hat business only restructured when external circumstances made change unavoidable. The results have been great. But, in hindsight, perhaps it should have acted earlier?

Sick Puppy

A new CEO realised she had a problem when few staff members could say who they reported to - or how their work helped the organisation achieve its strategic goals.

Colour Of Money

The multi award-winning Tasmanian company Tas-Saff shows why it pays innovators to be persistent - and ready to try anything.

Cultural Redesign

A prominent design company specialises in interiors that reflect the corporate cultures of its clients. And getting a corporate culture right is a subject that the company intimately understands.

Change Challenge

The restructure of a rapidly growing corporate consultancy put great strain on its freewheeling culture. And hiring a change consultant did not help matters.

Power To The People

Changing the paternalistic culture at a former state-owned power company required courage, planning - and astonishing honesty.

Grow And Be Damned?

A rapidly expanding employment services company says maintaining the culture and service that made it big has been its biggest task.

Networking For Safe Net-Work

A passion for safety and skills training produced valuable networking opportunities for one Victorian fishing business.

Good Deeds Can Produce Good Business

Refurbishing an historic Geelong building helped a firm of local architects achieve national prominence.

Bay City Cabs Keep Customers Rolling

The elements of success - good service and management - are simple. Getting them right is the hard part.

Making A Mid-Life Crisis Into A Business

Car enthusiast Bill Hemming has paid a lot more than expected to get his Elfin car company running. But the ledger is not all one-sided - there's passion too.

Slack Profits Call For Smarter Management

Regional accountant Gary Mitchell realised his practice needed to change when revenues kept increasing, but profits did not.

The Art Of Absentee Management

Brian Harrison's Gold Coast lifestyle has not hurt the growth of his Albury-Wodonga-based steel engineering business. But there are a few tricks to distance management.

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