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Growing Your Business

So you've got the basics under wraps, and now you're turning your focus towards business growth - how do you do it? Do your business and strategic plans hold up to scruity or are they stuck in a drawer? How will you manage change so that all your staff are on board? How can you generate new ideas that will be profitable? In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in Growing Your Business.
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How To Get Your Business Award Ready

Tony Burns is the CEO of HPA, an Australian Disability Enterprise that has been providing services to businesses since 1963. HPA is a business and a charity, and provides supported employment and accommodation options to Territorians with disabilities.

Staying Relevant In A Shifting Industry

Since Coffee MIO opened its doors in 1962, there has been a huge change in café and coffee culture. Fifty years ago, there was only a handful of key coffee manufacturers in Australia - now there are many small-batch roasters to compete with.

Implementing Conscious Business Growth

Business growth is a much smoother affair if you plan for it. Setting up systems, hiring the right people and thinking about delegation are all important components of consciously growing a business.

Overcoming The Challenges Of A Disruptive Business

When Jane Huxley became General Manager of Pandora Australia in 2012, she ran the business from home. Since then, she has shaped and grown it into an impressive subsidiary with over 60 employees in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. She's seen Pandora play a part in revolutionising the audio industry, and is now a thought leader on the topic of digital disruption.

Maintaining Traction During Periods Of Change

Daniel Flynn knows how important it is for an organisation to maintain focus during stages of change. As Managing Director and Co-founder of social enterprise Thankyou, he acknowledges it can be a challenge to sustain traction - even when experiencing growth.

Keeping Up With An Evolving Industry

Phillip Williamson, CEO of software company Intelledox, finds that technology isn't the only thing changing radically within his industry. The way in which customers are engaging with brands is also changing.

Breaking Into International Markets

From the outset of Bondi Chai, Martin Buggy knew that he eventually wanted to expand his business into the international market.

Doing Business From A Remote Location

Cairns Industries is a construction company led by Kym Cairns. It is based in Borroloola in the Northern Territory - a town located ten hours out of Darwin comprising a population of only 1000 residents.

How To Relocate Staff To Another Country

When British agency Digital Next decided to expand into Australia, CEO Justin Blackhurst insisted on sending staff that understood how Digital Next operated. His approach would ensure its new Australian office was familiar with company ethos and consistent with its brand.

Turning Your Company Into A Commercial Venture

Tony Smith is the Managing Director of NCC Training Resources. Established in 2002, the company originally aimed to provide educational materials to government-funded colleges across the UK. But after several years, it became clear that growth was not sustainable.

How To Launch And Sustain A Global Online Business

Is it possible to launch and run a successful global business from a desk in Australia - without the help of sales representatives on the ground overseas? The answer is yes. Toby Biddle has managed to do just that as CEO of Loop11.

Getting Your Ideas Taken Seriously At A Young Age

Is youth a barrier to success? Eyal Halamish, CEO and Founder of OurSay, has proven that it does not need to be.

Attracting Attention In The US Market

Thinking big has always been a motto for Mellissah Smith, Marketing Director and founder of Marketing Eye. After establishing her company (a marketing services provider) in Australia, she saw a gap in the US market and seized the opportunity to expand. “The US was a space that had no global player,” she says.

Profiting From The Next Big Thing

Just when you thought it was impossible to keep up with technology, Rob Ward has proven everyone wrong. In just two years, his iPhone case manufacturing company Annex Products has reeled in phenomenal success – despite changes in iPhone design.

Leading The Way In Difficult Economic Circumstances

It’s a huge challenge to maintain a business in a turbulent economic climate, let alone start one. However, Efficiency Leaders was established during the GFC and has been flourishing ever since.

Total 109 articles in this section.
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