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Workforce Planning

The key to successful workforce planning is making sure your business has the right people available for the right roles at the right time - so the right things get done. What steps can you follow when mapping your workforce?
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Human Capital Management For Small To Medium Enterprises - RIT-AIR ™

by Brian Birley

Unleash the potential of your people. The implementation of strategy, and the ability to achieve a company's objectives, is largely dependent on the people in the organisation. People are undoubtedly our greatest asset, but are often one of the poorest managed.

When Training Can Really Work

by NSW Business Chamber

Well-trained employees are integral to achieving your business's objectives. Their development needs to be ongoing. They need to have the up-to-date skills required to do their job using best practice methods. Forget ad hoc training which may or may not happen. You need to be serious about staff development and build an integrated training process into your business plans.

People Strategy - A Business Process Perspective

by Geoff Nunn

This article addresses contemporary organisational thinking on issues of people strategy. Where appropriate linkages are drawn with remuneration management.

Training And Development

by Paul Phillips

It doesn't have to be a training course. Having people who are capable of doing the job effectively is often a result of recruiting the right person in the first place but, with the pace of change in business today, current employees also need to adapt and learn new skills over time.

Total 34 articles in this section.
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