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Top Issues - Example

The CEO Institute

Brought to you by The CEO Institute, below is a snapshot of the Top Issues discussed by CEOs and business leaders last month were:

Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • The importance of cultural fit in mergers and acquisitions
  • Timing issues and testing the market
  • Preparing a business for sale and / or merger
  • Strategies to sell, merge or close down a business should be developed early enough to ensure there is no urgency to wrap up a deal and reduce the negotiating strength of the seller
  • Business risks associated with working with partners (including suppliers) who prove to be unreliable

Creating Marketing Channels

  • Business marketing through social media
  • Development of targeted and effective marketing through databases
  • Small business marketing opportunities
  • Major marketing blunders by your competition and how to take advantage quickly and effectively

Addressing Generational Differences

  • Different cultural and work practice values of recent generations
  • Many ex-servicemen employees suffer from the trauma of their conflict experiences and this often manifests itself many years after their return to civilian life. Employers should be aware of this particularly if they notice a change in their personality
  • Gen Y management challenges

Staff Dismissal

  • The importance of following regulations exactly when dismissing staff. The omission of presenting a written notice to an employee on the third warning can result in a significant penalty for ‘unfair dismissal’
  • When staff on probation are not working out, is it better to dismiss them sooner rather than later in the hope they will improve
  • When you know an employee has to go – taking the steps
  • Terminating a senior executive

Effective Leadership

  • Understand who you are and what you bring to an organisation
  • Assemble the right team around you
  • Ask the right questions - and listen
  • Develop the right behaviours and reward them
  • Bring your people with you
  • Keep on learning
  • From doing to directing - without losing effectiveness
  • Stepping up to the CEO role - the rewards and challenges of responsibility

Value-based Pricing

  • Understand the needs of the customer
  • Identify and communicate points of parity, points of difference and points of contention
  • Use value demonstration tools
  • Develop case studies
  • Talk in the language of the customer
  • Communicate on the basis of how the product or service adds value

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